5 Ways to Improve Office Safety

Maintaining a safe workplace is an essential component of all successful businesses. Studies show a connection between a healthy and safe workplace and an increase in job satisfaction, making it important to prioritize your employees’ well-being. 

Learn about five essential safety precautions or courses you should consider providing to your employees:

1. OSHA General Industry Courses

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is the organization that sets safety standards in the workplace. Offering OSHA training courses for your employees can significantly improve workplace conditions as well as safety. 

This course gives employees the information they need to better understand common safety hazards while learning how to prevent injuries. 

The OSHA general industry course covers an overview of OSHA compliance and the basics of hazards communication while also providing training on personal protection equipment (PPE) standards, the prevention of slips and falls, and the best practices for electrical safety. 

2. First Aid/CPR Training

Accidents happen in every workplace, so your employees need to know how to respond quickly to medical emergencies. Performing CPR on someone in cardiac distress can double their chances of survival, according to the American Heart Association, making CPR and first aid training essential. 

TMS University offers a variety of online safety training courses that focus on first aid. These include training on how to deal with trauma and its accompanying dangers, such as hypothermia, blood loss, airway obstructions and breathing difficulties, and more. Learning what to do with head injuries is another objective. 

The courses provide detailed training on first aid procedures, focusing on CPR and emergency response preparedness. Other TMS University course options include casualty evacuation, care under fire, and tactical field care. 

3. Regular Cleaning, Sanitization, and Organization

If you’re asking employees to spend their time in an office, workshop, or warehouse, you need to ensure that the space is safe for them to work in. Beyond maintaining the proper safety equipment, you should invest in more than a janitorial service to keep the office in good condition. The longer you put deep cleaning off, the worse it gets–and the more potential hazards accumulate. Professional cleaners have the tools and equipment to reduce those potential hazards in the office. From cleaning out HVACs to restoring your space after (even the smallest) emergency, you can ensure that your office and employees are in good hands.

4. Safety Leadership Courses

Having open communication and informed leadership among managers and supervisors increases safety. Safety leadership courses focus on creating easy-to-implement safety initiatives that not only keep everyone safe but also help your bottom line by reducing instances of accidents. 

These courses also focus on improving safety management in the workplace to reduce injuries, as well as specific procedures to keep employees on the job safe. Safety leadership can reduce errors while influencing safety behavior and help managers and supervisors recognize the difference between unsafe conditions and unsafe acts. 

These courses can address the causes of any injuries that do take place in the workplace, allowing managers and supervisors to find ways to prevent them in the future. Safety leadership courses can be on-site or online, depending on availability and preference. 

5. Forklift Certification and Training

Forklifts are essential pieces of equipment in many industries, yet there are thousands of forklift accidents every year. Many of these accidents and injuries occur due to poor or nonexistent training. Most companies have forklift trainers who handle the training in-house, so ensuring those trainers have the safety information they need is crucial. 

On-site forklift safety training courses allow you to ensure that all of the employees who use forklifts are up-to-date on safety guidelines and that the trainers who will teach future employees have all of the necessary information to do so safely. 

They also offer the best practices for testing forklift proficiency, as well as instructing forklift users on OSHA record-keeping procedures. 

Improve Workplace Safety 

Workplace safety not only ensures your employees stay safe, but it can also help boost employee satisfaction while reducing injuries and their accompanying expenses. It is an important part of running any kind of business or company. 

By offering training that prevents injuries as well as training that lets your employees know what to do if there is an emergency, you can make everyone in your workplace safer. 

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