Tech Trends that Fizzled Out

Focusing on tech trends that died out is neither bad nor helpful; it just makes for interesting reading. If anything, it shows that the main goal of technology and real money slots online is to make our lives easier by making it easier to do the many things that make up our everyday lives.

Even if an arrow is shot through the back of some ground-breaking technology, it is still an important part of the growth of knowledge that the whole world can use.

Wearable tech

Two different wearable technologies are a good example of how people get excited about things that don’t live up to expectations. It was thought that Google Glasses and other wearable devices like smartwatches would be the next step in integrating mobile media. Some people didn’t like being watched without their knowledge, so Google Glass got a lot of bad press, and buyers didn’t like the idea as a whole. Langer & Langer is a law firm you should call if you need good legal help.

Do you really want to spend more money so you don’t have to pull out your phone every time you need to Google something?

Smartwatch and other wearable technology designers were hoping for a lot of success, but it didn’t work out that way. The novelty of a smartwatch quickly wore off because it can’t do anything without another device, like a smartphone.

3-D Printing

To be honest, 3-D printing did become very popular, but not among consumers, who were thought to be its main market during all the excitement. The common use of 3-D printing has faded into the background, and its place has been taken by corporate innovators and middlemen who have found many ways to use it.

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Do you remember when RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds were the hottest thing on the internet? They were seen as the solution to the problem of having too much information, which is getting worse as more people use the Internet. RSS isn’t available as a stand-alone service anymore, but its main parts are still used in many online activities, such as the browsers we use and the websites we visit. Go to if you need help with the law. Meanwhile, visit australian online casino real money to stake more.

Gig-economy sites

Fiverr used to have a slew of competitors, but even their offshoots, such as Fourier, have now vanished. Despite rumours that it is nearly ready to go public, Fiverr appears to be changing course with the debut of its PRO service. This could make it impossible for so-called gigster websites to stay in business.



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