How to Build a Better Review Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Better Review Marketing Strategy

If you have a business, chances are there are already reviews about it. 91% of people read online reviews before purchasing a product. They tend to trust the customer reviews they would trust suggestions from friends and family. Reviews can also boost your overall search engine rankings, thereby improving your business’s conversion rate. It is quite evident how crucial online reviews are for businesses to survive in the competitive market. Thus, here are the top five tips for you to build an effective review marketing strategy.

  1. Increase the number of reviews about your business

Let’s say you want to get academic help from a site known as You find that there are 10 MyAssignmenthelp reviews. However, another similar academic site has 20 reviews. Which one would you trust more? Chances are you will choose the one with more reviews because quantity matters. The number of reviews a customer wants to see before making a purchasing decision depends on her/his preferences. Some people may like to read 4-6 reviews, whereas others may opt for 2-21 reviews.

  • Look after the quality of reviews

The quality of your reviews is important, especially when your customers are sharing the reviews on reliable review platforms. But, you should also consider the quality while sharing the reviews on your website. The best way to improve the quality of your business reviews is by offering better standard services or products. You have to ensure that your customer satisfaction rate is 100 to achieve high-quality reviews. The happier your clients are, the better their reviews will be.

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You can check how detailed reviews look like on different review platforms such as and Some reviews look like ‘Highly Recoomedable!’ while others are detailed, such as “The writers were professional. I asked them to do my paper on 4th July, and they delivered the paper on 7th July.” and so on.

  • Focus on your star rating

This is one of the most important ways to build a strong review marketing strategy. Normally, search engines look past your business if your star rating is below three stars. That means, if your business has three or fewer stars, your target audience will see your competitor’s businesses on the SERPs and not yours when they search for your nature of business. Thus, your star rating can make a huge difference to the online reputation of your business.

Here are some related statistics for you:

  • 8% of consumers said that they don’t trust a business if it doesn’t have a five-star rating.
  • 42% purchase products only if the business has more than a three-star rating.
  • 37% of consumers expect a four star rating.

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 57% of consumers rely on businesses with an average of four or more stars. However, you can start by aiming for three stars and then you can proceed eventually. Your relationship with your customers doesn’t end as soon s the customer drops positive feedback. You need to reach out to them throughout their customer journey and ask open-ended questions with genuine interest.

  • Make sure the reviews are recent

Customers are expected to spend at least 31% more on businesses with top-rated reviews. But there’s a catch here as well. The reviews should be recent. Your consumers will not trust them if the reviews are too old. Make sure the reviews that you publish on your site or share on third-party review sites are written within six months. It will become relatable to your target audience.

  • Engage with all sorts of reviews
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Your potential customers are already looking at the reviews posted about your business on multiple sites and platforms. But, they are also looking at how you address the reviews, whether good, bad or neutral. So, you need to engage with all sorts of reviews to leave the impression that you care for your customers. 89% of consumers read businesses’ responses to reviews before making their purchasing decisions.

As per a Google study, people trust businesses 17 times more if they respond to reviews. You must appreciate your consumers for taking out time to write reviews about your business. In case of negative reviews, address the issue instead of apologising.

Wrapping Up,

A review marketing strategy isn’t built in a day. Keep an eye on what your consumers are writing about your business and design the strategy accordingly. Engage with all kinds of reviews to earn the trust of your potential clients and enhance the quality and quantity of your reviews. Good Luck.

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