7 Points To Consider Before Buying A Haier double door fridge

7 Points To Consider Before Buying A Haier Double Door Fridge


Haier double door fridge is the best choice for serve large families. They accommodate a good number of foods, vegetables, and drinks. The shelves are bigger. You can find separate doors for the freezer and the main compartment. The biggest models may have a capacity of about 495L. Several brands have released their double-door refrigerators.

However, the Haier double door fridge is one of the reliable options for buyers. Haier has designed several models with double doors. Still, to buy the best double-door refrigerator from Haier, you have to focus on some important factors.

Top Mount and Bottom Mount:

The top-mount refrigerators are freezer-on-the-top models, while the bottom-mount refers to the freezer-at-the-bottom models. The top-mount ones have a classic design with a compressor present at the base. The compressor can turn out heat. However, as your freezer needs high energy to retain low temperature, it must be away from the compressor. Moreover, the freezer is easily accessible to you.

The bottom-mount fridges also have a user-friendly design. In most cases, freezers of these models have storage drawers. You can store your groceries in them.

Size of your fridge:

Some buyers overlook the size while they purchase a Haier double-door fridge. You may be a single person living alone in an apartment. In that case, you can rely on the small models. However, when you have roommates and family members, you have to choose bigger fridges.

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But, the space available in your kitchen is another notable factor. The bigger models are taller. When your wall has a cabinet, it can be a barrier to a taller refrigerator.


You can find different shelving options while searching for double-door fridges. Sliding shelves give you easy access to the fridge. You have to pull in and pull out the shelf for your purpose. Moreover, the sliding shelves can hold taller items, like bottles. These are detachable shelves, and you can remove them to make some space. Make sure that your fridge has spill-proof shelves. The materials of shelves are also important. The best Haier double-door fridge has toughened glass shelves.


Compressors play an important role in keeping up the proper temperature of the interiors of your fridge. Smaller fridges have general compressors, whereas large and medium ones have inverter compressors.

General compressors maintain consistency in speed and are turned off while your refrigerator has reached optimum cooling. Another option is the inverter compressor, which has an adaptable design. It performs its function based on how much cooling is needed for your fridge.

Door Locks:

Although the refrigerator style is an important factor, you cannot overlook safety. Young kids may like to open your fridge and adjust the setting. That is why some double-door fridges include an alarm system. The alarm also tells that the door is open. Thus, it helps in conserving energy, as the opened door affects the internal temperature.


The conventional refrigerators have standard ice trays. However, the hidden icemakers are best for optimal use of the space. There is no need to open the refrigerator to get ice blocks.

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Energy Efficiency Rating:

Manufacturers always mention the energy star ratings that indicate the energy efficiency of the fridge. You can look for highly energy-efficient Haier double-door refrigerators. The higher star ratings indicate the higher energy-efficiency level. You can try to know the number of units of electricity consumed by the model per year.

For instance, a 1-star rating saves you about Rs 300 every year. Similarly, a 2-star rating saves around Rs 800 per year. The best ones have a 5-star rating, which may save almost Rs 1,800 a year. The BEE symbol is another indication of the energy efficiency of your fridge.

LED Displays and smart features:

Some fridges have touch-sensitive LED displays to ensure smart and better operations. These fridges have Wi-Fi capabilities. The temperature level is easily adjustable.

You can check out some other features, like the deodorizer and voltage stabilizer. The integrated voltage stabilizer is important when there is a chance of frequent voltage fluctuations. This feature will prevent the voltage fluctuation from damaging the compressor. Moreover, deodorizers help in removing the odour from the refrigerators. Manufacturers add filtration systems to keep the fridge free from odour and germs.

Haier has designed both double-door and single-door fridges. However, the double-door models have become more popular among modern consumers. While buying Haier fridges, you have to check out the smart features. The premium models are available with the most innovative features. But, do not think that you have to pay a high amount at a time to buy them. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store has made it easy for you to make a deal by using the EMI scheme.

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