Pride and Arrogance

Pride and Arrogance view point:

Pride and Arrogance are both things that have a place in life’s ups and downs. When a man begins to regard his egoism as the Messiah, he begins to despise everything but himself. And so he despises others. Which is an insult to humanity. Pride and prejudice is a very bad thing that makes a person hollow inside and slowly cuts off the roots of love. As we are all competing today. Due to Flatulence and glorification which the balance of our society has become so bad that it is very difficult to fix it. Because sometimes the determination to compete leads to extreme hatred, arrogance and sometimes barbarism. However, the purpose of the competition is to create an inner passion, keeping in mind one’s positivity. Pride and arrogance are not that pride and negativity should use in the lure of victory because arrogance and intolerance both are fake matters.

1- Actual analysis of Pride and Arrogance:

The biggest reason for Pride and arrogance is to discourage our own people. However, this is the exact opposite of our human teachings. Because when someone’s beauty discouraging instead of encouraging, instead of rewarde with sympathy, next time he will not do well in his daily routine, and even if he does, he will have a look of arrogance in front of him. Which will turn into his bad and immoral habit. . So whose fault was it?

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2- So bad weapons and the rotation of war:

Anger is something in which a person becomes so upset that he completely forgets what he is doing at the moment. So the result is a toxic bitter tone and behaviour. How did it happen ???

So this is a bad move in human nature.

Pride and arrogance both are very dangerous things in the life of a man.

What the devil does by joining human blood.

3- The seed of hatred:

Every human being has an attachment to his own needs and interests.

That why every human involve in this struggle is suffering from depression and psychosis.

We have completely forgotten that the peace in which we have left our lasting peace was in fact our asset.

But who will make our thinking positive? Who will remove the betterness of our mood? Which can walk the happy path of our humanity and cleanse our dusty faces. Who will uproot the tall tree of hatred from our hearts so that instead of pointing fingers at each other’s character and throwing mud at each other we hear the voice of our heart about how morally we have fallen and about our brothers I will hear from you what you are thinking.

He is the man whose egoism and arrogance upset the balance of society. Against brother He made the son stand before the father. But now we have to overcome all these difficulties and worries together so that we can have heartfelt satisfaction. And only then can it be possible. When they stop following the devil and meet each other by chance.

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4- Powerful and convenient tools:

In this time of trouble where we need extreme caution and foresight and guidance. Anger also needs to controlle. Because if we do not overcome it, it will show us the way to show off along with fighting and pave the way for hypocrisy. In other words, it calls arrogance. So let’s pledge today that we will eradicate hate and enmity from our hearts forever and become partners in love so that our own fields may inhabite with the glory of our accents.

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