Turkey Fire in Forest Causes

Turkey Fire

The fire main cause of the fire in Turkey, which cause the fire to change direction and slowly spread to the coast while walking in the mountains and then spread. And some people start pouring water into their proper containers to prevent damage but the fire was so big that it could not controlle and the sky turned yellow and then turned red as soon as they saw it. The centre of precious trees, such as cedar and olive, become a heap of ashes. About 60 forest fires containe in 17 provinces of Turkey, and 17 forest fires are still raging, killing three people and injuring several others. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan says those responsible are held accountable. 

Government Reviews On Turkey Fire:

Because supporters of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s office are telling us that this is an area where there is no question of fire and this fire start from one, two, six provinces. Today it is close to 60 in these areas. Has arrived What is the secret of this fire? How much damage was done behind this fire? How many acres are there and where did the fire start? Which country’s tourist was present in the area at that time? This is the coldest and most beautiful area. And tourists from all over the world come here in June, July and August.

Tourists In the time of Turkey fire:

Vistors say we saw fireballs raining down from the sky. We saw some places in this town that completely overlook Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Saw that the houses not only burnt but also a heap of dust. The same is true of trees and cattle. No single live thing is left. Reports say four bodies find and more than 180 rescues and taken to hospitals. These places where it is unthinkable that the weather forecast could be like this until tomorrow evening.

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The terrorist enjoys the beautiful weather here and in one night it was as if someone kill everyone trumpet blown. According to the General Assessment, 38 helicopters are using only inside Turkey and with three aircraft. 4,000 firefighters are currently working and Russia has sent three large ships to Turkey with fire extinguishers. Azerbaijan is busy putting out the fire. It is a sign of the severity of the fire that the three countries are working together to control the fire. In addition, there are 500 acres of pine forests and 500 acres of timber forests engulf in flames.

The fire has turned these forests into piles of fire and residential areas are on fire. The fire seems to be out of control. Air Force helicopters are working on it. There are about 30 hospitals where arrangements can make for the rescue and rescue of the injured. People evacuate, and Lebanon is on fire, and the fire just start. 

Other Contries Support:

The air force is working there. It also says that about five hundred acres of land engulf in fire and this is also a very impressive area. Where there is no such forecast this season. Shahid Yin also Say it all We have suddenly see fireballs and Omar Masood says in this regard. The village of Kal, in Lebanon, is saying that we are investigating it thoroughly. It is very likely that terrorism is an incident that has targeted nature and the people. 

The other is Saeed says, who is the chief of civil defence. He says he sees destruction everywhere. Weather and wind are adding to the devastation. This place calls the heart of tourists. when the fire broke out, there was a lot of Russian and European tourists lot of rush. People came here to spend their holidays. It is say that someone has Tampere with the global satellite system. Which has shaken the whole world of time in a wonderful way. In which the satellite is make a point.

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