Is Calisthenics Helpful Is Reducing Body Weight?

calisthenics program

Body fat reduction is everyone’s new year goal! However, very few achieve it with consistent exercise, strength training, and the right diet. What if we tell you there is a faster method to reduce all those extra kilos without wasting your hard-earned money on hefty equipment and bulky weights? Would you be interested? 

Well, let us introduce you to calisthenics, a workout routine that requires you to use only your body weight to achieve your fitness goals. In this guide, we have shared in-depth details on how calisthenics can be used to reduce body fat. So, let’s begin.

How Calisthenics Help In Fat Loss?

1. Progressive Skill Level

Commonly, people think that calisthenics is limited to only four core exercises, namely, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and dips. However, there are several variations of these exercises that they can include in their training routine to increase the intensity, build better endurance and maintain a lean body. 

The progressive nature of the calisthenics program allows people of any skill to try the exercises and adapt to them. They can slowly raise the level to burn more calories and try the advanced variations of the exercises. 

2.Compound Exercises

The basic law of fat loss is to consume fewer calories in your body and burn more by doing proper exercise. While reducing the intake of calories revolves around your diet, calisthenics takes care of burning more calories than other training routines by leveraging compound exercises. 

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According to a study, a resistance training routine that involves compound exercises burns more calories. Most of the exercises in the calisthenics training routine focus on multiple muscle groups and joints. These exercises are more demanding, which pushes the body to burn more calories, thus reducing the overall body fat. 

For example, a pull-up or push-up will push your body and several muscle groups with more intensity as compared to a simple bicep curl.

The level of intensity makes the whole difference and gives calisthenics an edge over other training routines when it comes to fat loss. If you wish to dive into calisthenics training, you can learn about all the basics at Calisthenics Worldwide

3. Perfect Blend Of Cardio & Resistance Training 

Calisthenics training routines focus on flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, muscle, and correct technique. You can create a custom routine with a professional trainer for lean body and fat loss. It will focus on both traditional muscle-building and fat-loss exercises. 

The calisthenics training regime removes the stress of focusing on typical aerobic exercises. The whole regime itself will act as a substitute for aerobic exercises and allow you to build proper muscle strength and a healthy body. 

Some Last Words

Calisthenics is a powerful routine with many more benefits than fat reduction. It is faster, affordable, and super reliable if you are aiming for the best results.

By now, you must have understood all the ins and outs of using calisthenics to achieve a healthy body weight. It is time to get ready and kickstart your calisthenics journey by joining a great program.

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