Rugs Decorating Rules You Can Break For A Stylish Home

10 Rugs Decorating Rules You Can Break For A Stylish Home

Home decorating can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can get a little repetitive. We all have the same rugs and pillows in our living room, or we’ve had that rug for years and have never changed it because it’s just too hard to do. Rugs are an essential part of any home decor and can tie a room together. When you’re ready to purchase a rug, make sure to evaluate the many sorts accessible and their materials and designs. The rug to make a coherent statement with your other décor should match your other décor items. Here we will talk about some of our favourite rules you can break when decorating your home, so you don’t get stuck with the same old look! 

Don’t Overdo the Rugs:

You don’t want to have the rug be your only source of décor in a room. We suggest keeping it reasonably minimal with just one or two pieces on top and then decorate around that. The best colourful rugs are usually small and can be placed in front of a sofa or bed. Make sure the colour scheme matches, so it feels like it belongs there. Mix up the textures and add to the decor with pillows, throws, or other small items. Your rug will feel like it has a purpose, and that’s how you’ll end up loving your space!

Mix it UP:

Don’t be shy to mix different styles up when choosing a rug for your home. We know this may sound crazy, but there are no real rules when decorating with rugs. You can place them in any room or use one as a focal point in your living room. Just keep it looking intentional and decorate around that rug instead of one large piece taking over the whole space! The right balance of colours and patterns will make your space feel cohesive instead of cluttered.

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Be Creative:

Experimenting is the key to a beautiful and exciting space. The first thing you should do when decorating with rugs is to break the rules! You can place them in any room or use one as a focal point in your living room. Just keep it looking intentional. You can play with different colours or patterns to keep your space looking exciting. Rugs are a great way to add texture, colour, and warmth to any room! The look you’re going for will depend on the style of rugs that you choose. If it’s an area rug, maybe opt for something with fringe or tassels since they give off more of a southwestern vibe. If you’re working with runners, go for something more modern and minimalist not to overwhelm the space.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Styles:

You do not have to follow the rules of decorating with rugs that say you should use a patterned rug and an unpatterned one against each other or stick only to traditional styles when using various patterns in your room. You can mix them. Mixing different styles is not only acceptable but encouraged! If paired correctly with other elements like lighting or wall art, you can use an expensive-looking wool rug in your bedroom. The first step to a successful design is to start with a rug that you love and then build the rest of your room around it. Your mixing styles may create a unique and outstanding space that is all your own!

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Colors:

You don’t have to stick to neutrals when decorating with rugs since they can be one of the most colourful elements in any space. You could even take this idea even further by using different colours in the same rug. The best way to do this is by selecting different patterns within one large rug or several smaller rugs that complement each other. The only thing you should pay attention to is not to go for too bright colours as they may look garish.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Textures:

Another excellent design idea when decorating with rugs is mixing textures rather than sticking with a single material like velvet, sisal, cotton, wool, etc. Many different materials have unique textures, so you should try them all out to see which ones look the best in your home and go for it! The texture should add to the overall design of your home and complement it. For example, you can create a rustic look by adding an antique leather tufted rug or going for something more modern like jute or silk rugs, giving a touch of contemporary look in any decor.

Try Irregular Shapes:

The shape of your rug doesn’t need to be a perfect rectangle or a square. Try something different, like an oval or even a triangle. Mixing up shapes is another way to add personality and uniqueness to your home decor. You can also go for round rugs or rugs that are inspired by animals or other shapes. Even if you have a big space, smaller rugs could be the answer to give your room an overall neat look and also save some floor space. The idea is to break up the area, so it doesn’t all blend in together, which will make your room look smaller.

Try Irregular Patterns:

The next rug decorating rule you could break is with patterns. We’ve all heard the saying ‘less is more, and this couldn’t be truer, especially when it comes to patterned rugs. Try adding a couple of different – but similar – patterns that are tonal or have matching colours like grey and white, for instance. If you’re going for a bold pattern, irregular shapes will work best. Try going with a circular or oval shape for a smaller area, so you don’t lose the space feel either.

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Try an Unusual Style:

You don’t have to follow the traditional rug decorating rules and keep everything looking ultra-modern. If you’re not a fan of super modern furniture, unifying your room with one style might not be for you! Try breaking away from the norm and mixing different styles, like rustic or industrial elements, with shabby chic pieces instead. A rug can help you achieve the look and unify your room.

Clashing Colors And Patterns:

You can also break rug rules by choosing rugs that have clashing colours with other elements in the room, such as walls or furniture pieces. It is a great way to add some colour and interest to your home decor. Remember that it should be done in moderation, so the room doesn’t look too overwhelming or busy. You can also combine different designs such as hexagon, stripe, and floral patterns for one rug if you want something more interesting than just solid colours on the floor.

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