TV Shows With Edgy Characters and Stories


Well, for a few years now TV shows with edgy female protagonists navigating life through their challenges along, has been trending. The TV shows not only show the women being arrogant, they discuss the issues of mental health, depression as well as midlife crisis. There are many TV shows with such plots and characters and some famous ones are the famous ‘Fleabag’, and ‘The Duchess’. These TV shows are not only fun and entertaining, but they are relatable on a deeper level, and are also empowering at times. They give us hope to keep going and to keep hustling. 

So, if you want to learn about underrated TV shows that are similar to the trending edgy ‘Fleabag’ we have a list of TV shows for you. 


Fleabag is a TV show that revolves around a female protagonist called Fleabag. As she steers life and love in London while coping with tragedy, the dim-witted woman has no filter. Fleabag maintains her attitude despite the fact that the angry, grieved woman struggles to heal while refusing anybody who tries to aid her. The character of the protagonist itself is edgy and teaches us a lot about life, love, and mental health. 


Frayed is a highly underrated edgy British drama comedy about a messy-looking woman. The series is set in the late 1980s starring Sarah Kendall as a single mother who has to relocate along with her two kids, because the recent death of her husband leaves her financially strained. The family moves from London to Newcastle, Australia to her alcoholic mother’s home where the protagonist is forced to come face to face with issues from her past that she hasn’t dealt with in years, such as her fake British accent. The TV show is comic, dramatic, and has super complicated characters.

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You’re the Worst 

Well, You’re the worst is a TV show that revolves around the relationship of Gretchen and Jimmy who are two sad people with trust issues, falling in love. The two meet at a wedding and soon decide to have a relationship. While the two have inner demons to fight, their egos clash and they start having issues with their relationship and egos. There are many wonderful aspects of You’re the Worst, as it thoughtfully addresses the difficulties of clinical depression with two imperfect people in an unconventional relationship.


Crashing is a TV show that revolves around six people who live as property guardians in an abandoned hospital, and work on managing their interpersonal relationships. The TV show is an easy and engaging watch. 

Chewing Gum

Set in London, Chewing Gum is a TV show that revolves around Tracey who is a sheltered young store employee intending to go against her religious upbringing, have sex, and travel the world. The TV show has crazy hilarious energy, and it is a lot of fun to see Tracey get herself into increasingly ridiculous situations, faking to be cool. As much as she cares about her religion, Tracey really wants to have sex, and her idol after Jesus is Beyonce. The TV show is an undiscovered masterpiece and is a must watch. If you haven’t watched this TV show and the rest of the edgy female centered TV shows, it is about time. For people living in remote area, looking for a good and uninterrupted TV service, we suggest try out Satellite TV. Several Satellite TV service providers can be found at providing their services in remote areas in the US.

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I Hate Suzie

Suzie Pickles’ world is turned upside down when her computer is hacked and photographs of her in a highly intimate situation appear on the internet. Suzie strives to keep her life together with the help of Naomi, her best friend and manager. While the dark comedy might make you uncomfortable, it is a must watch for anyone who likes edgy characters and TV shows. 



On a work trip to London, Rob meets an Irish professor Sharon whom he gets pregnant. The two start off with a short fling and then eventually start dating after Sharon gets pregnant. The show discusses how love is not easy but it is worth having. The sitcom shows the unusual romance and shows the edgy characters of the two lovers. 


High Fidelity

High Fidelity is a TV show based on the 1995 novel by the same name. The American romantic comedy revolves around a record store owner Rob living in Brooklyn’s highly gentrified neighborhood Crown heights. The show discusses how Rob is trying to get over her one true love and she revisits her prior romances through music and pop culture. As the show goes on, her edgy character begins to show when she can no more take her pain. 


Russian Doll

Russian Doll is a TV show that revolves around the edgy character of Nadia, who is a lady cursed to repeat the day of her 36th birthday party over and over again, dying at the end of the night just to wake up absolutely uninjured the next morning in loop. The TV show is super engaging with all the comedy. The best part about is Nadia’s character and her thinking what turned the universe to punish her like this. 

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Mrs. Fletcher 

Mrs. Fletcher is a TV show that revolves around Eve, who is a single mother currently going through a midlife crisis, after her son starts going to college. As her son goes to college, Eve embarks on a new life, while her son goes thorough difficulties in his current circumstances. The TV show is all about how we want things in life and how those things come to us in different ways and change our life. 


So, if you are also going through a midlife crisis, and want something fun as well as relatable to watch, these are the TV shows for you. These TV shows will not only give you hope, they will also teach you how to live through tough times in life. 

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