7 Gold coins that I can purchase from gold stores near me

7 Gold coins

Gold investment can be highly rewarding if done correctly and through proper channels. When you set out to purchase gold bullion for investment from gold stores near me, you will be shown a wide catalogue of gold coins and bars of different weights, purity and make. When you are shopping for gold coins it is important to understand the underlying cost which makes the product more expensive than the quoted spot price of gold for that day. The premium on gold coins is generally higher because of the fine design etched onto them, the special assay packaging that protects the coin from tampering and some coins have a numismatic value because of their rarity or demand among coin collectors. Before purchasing a gold coin you must check all these aspects and whether they meet your investment goals. 

There are 7 Gold coins that I can purchase from gold stores near me

  1. American gold eagle

The American gold eagle coin is the most well-recognized and highly traded coin in the USA and the world. With its beautifully etched design of the American bald Eagle on one side and the statue of lady Liberty on the other side, it can be easily spotted. Manufactured by the US Mint, this gold coin can be purchased from any of the leading gold dealers online and offline. 

  1. South African Krugerrand

The South African Krugerrand is manufactured by the South African Mint and is a world-famous gold coin with high numismatic value. It has the design of the national animal of South Africa, the Springbrook Antelope on one side and Paul Kruger’s portrait on the other side of the coin. It can also be purchased in a variety of sizes and 22 karats or 24 karat purity. 

  1. Chinese Gold Panda
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The Chinese Gold Panda coin is minted by the People’s Bank of China and features a Panda resting on a tree branch on one side and the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing on the other side. It is a fine coin of .999 purity and with high demand worldwide.

  1. Canadian Maple Leaf

Manufactured by the Royal Bank of Canada, this gold coin features the Canadian maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada, on one side and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. These coins are among the few gold bullions that are eligible for precious metals IRAs. They have .999 purity and can be purchased in fractionated sizes. 

  1. Great Britain Gold Britannia 

The Gold Britannia is issued by the Royal Bank of England and some of its rare mints hold a high numismatic value. The coin features the figure of Britannia holding a trident on one side and an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. There is a radiant sunburst design behind Britannia’s effigy that makes it very difficult to counterfeit these coins. Thus, it is among the most trusted and high-demand gold bullion coins in the world. 

  1. Australian Kangaroo

The Australian Gold Kangaroo is manufactured by the Perth Mint and bears the symbol of a crouching kangaroo with Waratah and Kangaroo Paw native plants in the background on one side. It also has the standard ‘P’ etched behind the kangaroo which is the sign of Perth Mint. On the other side, there is the likeness of Queen Elizabeth II. 

  1. Austrian Gold Philharmonic
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Manufactured by Pamp Suisse, this coin commemorates the Austrian Philharmonic, one of the World’s greatest musical orchestras. One side of the coin features all the instruments of the band including the violin, harp, Vienna horn, cello, and bassoon. On the other side is featured the Wonderful Organ of the Golden Hall in Vienna’s concert hall, the Musikverein. The coin has .999 purity and can be purchased in an array of sizes. 

The Mints that manufacture these coins play an equally significant role as they are reputed throughout the world and offer guarantees for the authenticity of their product. Also, these coins will command the spot market price for gold at the commodity market, making it easier to trade at the same rate worldwide. 

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