Easy SkinCare plan

Easy SkinCare plan

Health is a thousand blessings and Skincare is an essential component of living a long life so take care of your health. The scan is tested in two ways, one is internal and the other is external. These two factors are essential components in taking care of health.

Internal means what do you eat? What are you drinking How do you live What are the ups and downs of your life? It all comes down to the internal skincare plan.

Internal SkinCare Plan:

1:-Meal Precautions and Schedule:

It has a lot of Ansar in our daily life. For example, how much water do we drink in a day? How do we drink water in a day? Because the body needs 8 glasses of water a day and it is very necessary for healthcare. Such things as pizza burgers and shawarma are also very harmful to health care. Also, use adequate amounts of sweets.

Eat less sugary foods because too much sugar can cause skin diseases. On the contrary, if you eat more vegetables and fruits. It will make your skin more beautiful. And health is protected.

2:-Maintenance sleep cycle:

We give you a schedule for the whole day from waking up in the morning. Wash your face as soon as you wake up in the morning. Then apply moisturizer using toner. Use sun protection factor and vitamin C at night.
Keep your diet as well as your sleep ratio. The best and most restful sleep is the only way to stay health care for the long term. It can also make you sleep faster, so relax and meditate on your brain. Think positive while sleeping so that your brain relaxes and Providing restful sleep will also relieve your stress.

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External SkinCare Plan:

1:Exercise Everyday Schedule for skincare:

Exercise is a very important part of keeping them a strong and healthy body,  in good health. Because when we exercise, the blood circulates rapidly and reaches the face and it makes beautiful and good looking. Don’t leave makeup on your face at all before going to bed. Wash well and sleep well. This is why the dust and moisture of all smoke will be clear throughout the day. This will clear your pores and give light and cleanness to the skin.

2:Mouthwash Precautions:

Use good soaps, skin cleaner to wash your face and then use soft ones that have no alcohol content at all. Fee cleaner is classified according to the scan.
No.1: Use Water Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin.

No. 2 Use Cream Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin as well as massage cleaner on hands and neck.

3:Instructions for using the Face Cleaner:

Before using any face cleaner or any product, make sure that it is suitable for your skin. So before applying the product directly on the face apply it on your neck or forehead to check if there is any infection or allergy. Otherwise, it will give you the best skin look and health.

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