Cheapest places to fly to in Europe from the US

Cheapest places to fly to in Europe from the US

Looking for ways to budget or cheap travel Europe? Or looking for the cheapest destinations to travel from the US? Find the answers with our guidebook about the cheapest places to fly to in Europe from the US.

Europe is a traveller’s paradise and thus most of the European locations like Paris, London, and Rome always stay on top of travellers’ radars. And many travellers believe that you need to break your bank to travel across Europe. However, to the contrary belief, various European locations can be visited with a low budget.

But remember, the cost of travelling to one destination, including flight and hotel bookings, keeps fluctuating around a year. And the prices you will be offered will be based upon in which seasons of a destination you are travelling it to.

Let’s know the cheapest places to fly to Europe from the US.

London, UK:

Contrary to the popular belief of being one of the most expensive tourist locations, London is an affordable tourist destination. Book a flight from the USA to London to visit the English capital and witness its royalty. There are various things in London that travellers can enjoy without spending a dollar. Because many of London’s top museums, parks, and buildings of importance provide free entry to their visitors.

Activities like watching changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, a long walk across the River Thames are one of the most popular attractions in London. To enjoy your trip to London, start making a list of the free things you can do in the city, like a day picnic at Hyde Park. Now select the things of your interest and include them in your travel itinerary. Also, remember that winters are the cheapest time to visit London and hostels are the most affordable stays in the city. And choose public transportation instead of taking a cab or taxi every time to visit a place.

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Zurich, Switzerland:

Zurich, Switzerland, is a place with low flight fares but a costly lifestyle. Thus, if you visit t Zurich, you will be spending more on your everyday expenses than you did on your air tickets. Zurich is a popular stop for American travellers going to visit the Swiss Alps, but most tourists don’t spend any effort exploring it.

Well, if you are flying to Switzerland, then you must take a flight to Zurich, as the city is well connected to the rest of the country. But don’t forget to spend a day or two while exploring Zurich before travelling to other destinations like the Swiss Alps.

Frankfurt, Germany:

Probably one of the cheapest European travelling destinations, Frankfurt, Germany, is a great holiday location for a budgeted stay. One of the best German places, Frankfurt, is an ideal location to explore German food, heritage, and culture.

Spend your time here visiting places like the Romantic Road or take a long walk on the banks of the River Rhine. The city also offers cruise opportunities for travellers who love 

sightseeing a location on a beautiful ship.

Krakow, Poland:

A place like no other, Krakow is one of the most popular Polish travelling destinations. Krakow is a budget-friendly location with a long history lined up since the 7th century. A great place to visit someone interested in history, Krakow has beautiful old towns.

Take direct flights to Poland from the US to explore a tourist destination with a slower pace of life and rich heritage. The best thing about Krakow is that it is cheaper than the Polish capital Warsaw as well. If you are looking for a warm place to spend your winters, then Krakow is the place for you.

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Paris, France:

A European location that stays popular throughout the year, Paris is a bucket-list-worthy destination. Well, Paris is a slightly costlier destination than the ones mentioned above, but winters make Paris an affordable travelling location.

As in winters Europe faces its low travelling season, the city of the Eiffel Tower becomes a cheaper holiday destination. Spend your time in Paris exploring the beautiful Christmas market and the dazzling city lights. You can also spend your time here by climbing up the Eiffel Tower or dining a full course French meal.

Milan, Italy:

The homeland of the world-famous Italian cuisine, Milan, Italy is a cheap travelling location. You can easily find many cheap flights flying to big Italian cities through which you can further travel to reach Milan easily.

A dream travel location of eery fashion lover, Milan isn’t only the fashion capital of the world but it is much more than that. If you are into fashion then the boutique and designer stores in Milan will be your biggest obsession. Other than fashion, there are a lot of beautiful places in Milan that you can visit. Spend your time in Milan exploring the charm of the city or just level up your fashion game.

Istanbul, Turkey:

One of the cheapest travelling locations, Istanbul, Turkey, is a popular European beauty. No matter what time of the year, you are visiting Istanbul as you can always find cheap flights to the city. Istanbul is an incredible city with a rich history, heritage, culture, and cuisine.

Spend your time here exploring the Turkish cuisine or drink a few cups of the famous Turkish Tea. Also, don’t forget to dine in the beautiful compact restaurant and cafes of Istanbul city.

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Barcelona, Spain:

Well, there is no other place like Spain, and Barcelona makes a cheap holiday in Spain possible. Many budgeted airlines are flying to Barcelona, making cheap flight tickets between Barcelona and the US a reality.

Barcelona is a beautiful city and there is no better way to spend time in Barcelona than spending it adoring its beauty. There are a lot of things to do and places to visit in Barcelona and you experience any experience you want to in this beautiful city. While your stay in Barcelona, try to learn some Spanish phrases and common words. And don’t forget to eat a full course meal and explore the Spanish street food in the city.

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