Best CSGO players of 2021: Top 8 ranked

CSGO players

What Is CSGO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an online tactical and first-person shooter developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. Being the fourth game in the Counter-Strike franchise, excluding Counter-Strike Neo and Online.

What is the impact of CSGO?

CS: GO is popular as a first-person shooter game. It has an impact on the eSports scenario, and its popularity engulfs the whole world. The game is played by over 4 million people, and its viewership crosses 5 million views.

The csgo pro scene has recently started to break records, with the International 2016 prize pool reaching $20,770,460 USD, which was funded via fan contributions, and it is considered the largest esports prize pool in history. Just imagine how much will be the prize pool in 2021. We can hardly predict it this year.

Now talking about CSGO Players and their skills:

The professional gaming scene has always been known as the place of new talents and future stars. The csgo rankings will change dramatically once the players start to retire. But there are 

some new names that might be the best of 2021. Let’s see who they might be.

These CSGO players were in the top 5 best CSGO players in 2021; they have shown great talent and skill throughout their careers. Their placement is based on past records of games played during 2021, not just current performance.

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Top 5 Ranked CSGO Players of 2021

  • Xyp9x

This player has won most of the tournaments he has played in. He was ranked 1st during 2021 for most of his career, only being temporarily surpassed by coldzera and S1mple. This Danish player is currently contracted with TSM.

  • Coldzera

Winning multiple MVP awards, he was ranked 2nd best CSGO player in 2021. This Brazilian player has won many tournaments this year, including ELeague Major 2017, ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals, and IEM XI – World Championship. He currently plays for SK Gaming.

  • Fer

This Brazilian player has had a very long career since playing Counter-Strike 1.6, but he has already been at the top of his game in CSGO Players. Fer is known for being one of the best clutch players and also coming up with creative strategies on the T side. Currently contracted with SK Gaming, this player’s contract expires at the end of 2021.

  • Stewie2k

This North-American player has been playing for Cloud9 since 2015 but is currently contracted to SK Gaming. Being one of the youngest players to join a professional CSGO team at age 16. Playing impressive CSGO throughout his career and coming up with unique strategies like his infamous double AWP. Although his contract is goona expire at the end of 2021.

  • Friberg

This Swedish player has been contracted with Ninjas in Pyjamas since 2012 but is now playing for eUnited after being traded. Friberg has won many tournaments this year, including Blast Pro Series – São Paulo and IEM XI – World Championship.

  • flusha

This Swedish Counter-Strike veteran has had a very successful career as both an individual player and playing on professional teams. During 2021 he was ranked number 2 for most of the year, briefly surpassed by Xyp9x during the late spring/early summer. Currently contracted with Fnatic.

  • Coldzera

This Brazilian player has had a very successful career since his entry into CSGO in 2015. He held the number 1 spot several times during the year 2021. Currently contracted with MIBR and being under top CSGO Players.

  • FalleN

This Brazilian player is a veteran in the Counter-Strike franchise, having played since its initial release in 1999. After a long hiatus from professional CSGO Players, this player made a comeback during the early stages of 2021. He held number 1 for most of the year before being surpassed by s1mple and coldzera consecutively. Currently contracted with Made in Brazil.

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It is very difficult to predict the top 5 players in CSGO, but these players showed their superior talents and skills in 2021 to make a list. The rankings may change by 2021-2022 due to new teams or a player retiring in favor of a younger generation coming up.

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